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Company Overview

The South African Society of Psychiatrists (SASOP) was established in 1952 and is currently a non-profit company incorporated according to Companies Act, Act No. 71 of 2008, Reg. no. 2007/012757/08.

The society is actively involved in de-stigmatising mental illness both locally and internationally, and in the fight against discrimination against people who suffer from mental illness. The SASOP is managed by a team of psychiatrists who are elected volunteers. Elections take place biennially at the biennial national psychiatry congress.

The main objectives of the Society are to:

  • promote and protect the rights and interests of the members of the Society

  • foster good relationships among the members of the Society

  • promote cooperation with other associations involved in mental health

  • monitor, evaluate and advise on policies related to the delivery of clinical services and the protection of patients' rights

  • promote research appropriate to Psychiatry in South Africa

  • promote appropriate training and evaluation of standards of undergraduate and postgraduate students in Psychiatry

  • promote continuing education in Psychiatry

  • maintain standards in Psychiatry by peer review

  • promote and uphold the principles of human rights, dignity and ethics in the practice of Psychiatry

  • oppose unfair discrimination in the field of Psychiatry

  • promote the de-stigmatisation of Psychiatry and increase the awareness of mental illness

  • promote the academic status of Psychiatry as one of major clinical disciplines in all schools of clinical medicine in the different South African universities, in collaboration with the different appointed heads of academic departments.

  • achieve a healthy, sustainable financial position for SASOP

  • ensure the future long term development of the SASOP by growing its membership

  • act as a lobby group to further the interest of the discipline of Psychiatry in both the public and private sectors.

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