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Public Sector

There are two main vocational groups within the South African Society of Psychiatrists. The first group is for psychiatrists working in the public sector (SASOP PUBSEC). The SASOP PUBSEC operates as a regionally focused group of public sector psychiatrists. This group leans on the principles of an accountable representative, supported by a trade union-like structure. This structure is affiliated to the South African Medical Association (SAMA) Trade Union’s structures.

The private sector has a separate structured group, which operates as a registered company trading as PsychMG.

Public Sector Executive Commitee

Chairman: Kagisho Maaronganye
Dr Pete Milligan 
Dr Kate Mawson 
Prof Rita Thom 
Dr Anusha Lachman
Prof Bonga Chiliza 
Prof Suvira Ramlall

Dr Thupana Seshoka

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