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Every Health Care Worker Must Register on the EVDS

The first delivery of COVISHIELD vaccines has arrived and will be delivered to sites for vaccination by the end of next week.
The process to develop a HCW database in the private and public sectors has been in progress for the past three weeks. Databases have been developed through the Discovery Practice Manager Connect portal, some hospital groups have collected data and some groups like Radiology and Pathology have collected their own data and submitted this directly. Our understanding was that these databases were being cleaned to ensure accuracy according to the required data fields and to remove duplications and that these databases will then be seamlessly integrated into the NDoH platform. This has not happened and although there are last minute attempts to achieve this, it is unlikely to occur. We are aware that there have been mixed messages over the past few weeks. The source of information and the driver of the vaccine roll out process is the NDoH. SAPPF is represented on the B4SA Private Sector Coronavirus Vaccine roll out platform. This platform is working to assist government with the roll out in the private sector and takes the lead from the NDoH processes.
The NDoH, has in the last 24 hours, informed us that these private sector HCWs databases have been received and are being used to verify the data submitted on the EVDS. The NDoH EVDS was formally launched this morning and it is necessary for every HCW to individually register on this platform. It is also necessary therefore for all staff employed by HCW to be registered individually as well. The process is easy and the platform is secure and robust and the nation has been reassured that the platform has been through penetration and capacity testing and will not fall over.


Click Here to register on the EVDS


Please note that this is the only platform for registration. Anyone who is unable to register on this site, will be able to register at the point of vaccine delivery. The registration process is essential for accurate logistics and service delivery.
Once registered you will receive an sms notifying you of successful registration.


All HCWs who offer services in a hospital will be vaccinated in that hospital.
HCWs in the private sector who do not work in a hospital will be vaccinated at pharmacy clinics and these will be communicated to you by SMS when the vaccine roll-out starts.


This EVDS is not the site to register your practice as a potential vaccination site. That process is underway with all pharmacy groups. Vaccination sites outside of pharmacies will be utilised for Phase 3 roll out and some will be needed for phase 2.

The registration of these sites has started and communications detailing the requirements and processes for registration are being distributed.
This is the information as we have it to date.
We will update this communication when new information is available.

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