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Membership Benefits

1. Psychiatry as a profession
 - Based on the work done by SASOP to ensure that psychiatry is recognised for the role it plays in securing patient rights, delivery of service to state patients and those who choose to see private psychiatrists, you and your profession are respected and recognised.

 - SASOP ensures that psychiatry as a discipline deserves its own place in the training curriculum at universities.

 - SASOP recognises and implements the importance of psychiatry and psychiatrists as an integral part of anyone seeking good health, or any program seeking to secure good health for the citizens of South Africa.

 - SASOP provides a body that can be consulted for peer review.

2. Your rights as a Psychiatrist
 - You and your rights as a Psychiatrist are protected. SASOP implements on-going work with a funding industry (private), SAMA, the National DOH and other stakeholders.


3. Fair Compensation
 - You are fairly compensated for what you do, based on work done in the past and on-going work done in the background for private psychiatry and in the state with respect to input given in the OSD matter.


4. Public and peer trust
- You are considered relevant enough for psychiatrists to be consulted first before decisions are made with respect to matters of compensation as a private practice, and policy and planning in the state sector.


5. Ethical, sustainable and enduring practise
- You are seen to be honourable, ethical and a legitimate choice as psychiatrist, in the same way that tradesmen are seen to be a legitimate choice if they belong to a national governing body, all by virtue of the work done by SASOP to do peer review, offer opinion on accepted practise and exert influence on the way they provide services

- What you do and how you do it are considered, by the public, sustainable and enduring.

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