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Who and what is PsychMg?

PsychMg is an NPC (Non-Profit Company), 100% owned and managed by psychiatrists for the benefit of psychiatrists and psychiatry as a profession. PsychMg provides the platform for you to communicate your needs as a psychiatrist, and share your expertise and challenges with like-minded colleagues. Get actively involved in your discipline to engage on matters that impact your practice daily. 

Why was PsychMg established?


There is an ever-increasing demand placed on psychiatrists. PsychMg addresses the following:

·       The role of private practice in South Africa

·       The role of private practice in the proposed National Health System

·       The shortage of psychiatrists

·       The salaries of specialists in the private sector

·       The role of medical schemes


The administrative structure of SASOP as the professional organisation, does not lend itself to address these private practice related issues.  Although SASOP deals with similar demands in the public sector (e.g. occupational specific dispensation, career pathing, service delivery, training and education), the cost of addressing these issues has escalated, and it cannot be solely provided by SASOP. The time and financial cost to the individual psychiatrists in private practice who manage PsychMg and represent psychiatrists in private practice on all these above issues, is too high to absorb within their own costs personally . Specialist consultants (such as HealthMan) have to be contracted to execute a large portion of this specialised work and to represent our interests at a higher level.


What is PsychMg doing for Psychiatry?

·       Continuing the Reference Price List (RPL) struggle and the establishment of a cost based RPL.

·       Engagement with the HPCSA to publish a scientifically researched ethical or guideline tariff.

·       Opposing the Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa (BHF)’s attempt to reduce the value of Prescribed Minimum Benefits            (PMBs) to a scheme rate rather than remuneration at the value of the provider’s invoice

·       Saving on medical malpractice insurance

·       Consolidation of psychiatry claims data to enable coding and tariff negotiations with funders and the Department of Health

·       Negotiation of psychiatric benefit designs with funders and managed care organizations

·       Update of procedural coding reforms relevant to psychiatry

·       Review and update of the psychiatry coding system for incorporation into a new internationally accepted coding system


What can PsychMg do for you?

·       Access to free online SMS service for patient communications

·       Reduced rates for ABSA credit card terminals in your practice

·       Access to obtain and record/view CPD points

·       Practice advisory services (assistance with funder-related problems such as non-payment, reversals, PMB’s, etc.)

·       General medical scheme queries

·       Consumer Protection Act complaints and queries

·       Access to various medical journals

·       Advisory services through HealthMan (assistance with forensic reviews, etc.)

·       Regular communications relevant to the healthcare industry

·       Annual salary review for your administrative staff

·       Invitations to closed, sponsored, scientific and business weekends

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