As a member of the PsychMG, members would also be members of SASOP and SAPPF, as membership fees will be paid by PsychMG.

Private Practice - R1540 per month

2nd Year Private Practice - R920 per month

1st Year Private Practice - R580 per month

Limited Private Practice (requires approval from the Board) - R920 per month

Public Service (excludes SAPPF Membership) - R540 per month

Members who are working in the public sector or who are in limited private practice as well as members who have recently started private practice, may apply for a reduced monthly fee. 

The involvement of everybody with an interest in private practice is important and we appeal to all non-members to join PsychMG. We thank the 204 psychiatrists who have already joined PsychMG. The Board realises that the membership fee is relatively high, but it seems as if there is no other way forward at this time. The directors of PsychMG are not remunerated for the work done and devote a great deal of their billable practice time attending crucial meetings and information sessions pertaining to the serious issues that impact the practice of psychiatry in the private sector.

If you have not yet joined PsychMG, please complete the Membership Application and ACB Authorization documents. On receipt of your completed documentation, you will be contacted by the HealthMan office to confirm your PsychMG membership and to arrange access to the above mentioned services.

To join, fill in the application and authorization forms and send it to us via fax:

011 782 0270

For queries, contact:

011 340 9000

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